Debbie Allen Dance Academy Takes Over on ‘Dance Moms’

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A photo posted by @dancemoms on Dec 18, 2015 at 5:12pm PST

Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller is going through legal issues while taping the show as she is under investigation for bankruptcy fraud charges. With her legal problems growing, some of the moms turn to the Debbie Allen Dance Academy on tonight’s episode. The official plot synopsis of tonight’s episode reads:

The stress of Abby’s legal woes causes her to reach her limit and kick the girls out of her studio; the mothers contact Debbie Allen, who offers her studio so the ALDC girls can rehearse for their upcoming competition.

So, who is Debbie Allen? The Debbie Allen Dance Academy is a non-profit organization that offers dance classes to students started at age four. Debbie Allen herself is a respected director, choreographer, dancer, author and actress. Allen makes an appearance on the show to give the girls some praise and advice. Allen tells them:

You know its very, very evident that you work together as a group … We don’t have words. We have our bodies and our faces to tell the audiences and how we move what are we talking about. To dance is to be powerful, to be very God-like. I just think it is one of the most incredible arts to study and it gives you power. So when you dance, you have to dance with that kind of power.

On next week’s episode, Maddie Ziegler returns from shooting a movie and Abby is not happy to see her. Some wonder if Maddie’s fame makes Abby jealous and they are curious if Brynn will take over for Maddie.

Recently, it was reported that Maddie has quit Dance Moms to focus on her budding career.