‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Final Two: Who Gets Eliminated Tonight?

Who Gets Eliminated Tonight On 'The Bachelor'?

Tonight, the final three contestants had their overnight dates on The Bachelor and emotions were definitely up and down. Higgins even ended up telling two girls that he was in love with them. Yikes! So, it was down to Caila Quinn, Lauren Bushnell and Joelle "JoJo" Fletcher. Now, if you do not want to know any spoilers, STOP READING NOW. But, if you DO want to know who was eliminated tonight, Reality Steve reports that Quinn is sent home. This means that the final two contestants are JoJo and Lauren. For the details on the reported winner this season, click here. Otherwise, check out the remaining two contestants by clicking through their best photos. (ABC/Twitter)




Hi. I just ben to know that I love every bit of him reason being , he is so humble and down to earth person who truly deserve to be 100 percent happy with the woman who will help brings out the wonderful n loving kind person he is. I just love love love Sir Ben Higgins. I would love to see him walking down the aile with jo jo but it is who makes his heart skip like a kid.

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