‘General Hospital’ (GH) Spoilers: Nikolas to Investigate Hayden?

General Hospital returns next week as the James (Billy Miller) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) romance continues heating up while Nikolas finds himself with no other alternative then to investigate Hayden. Meanwhile, Morgan (Bryan Craig) continues on a downward spiral after going off his bipolar meds, amongst other happenings. Mondays preview can be watched above.

Read on for more details on next week’s GH’s spoilers.

Nikolas Investigates His New Wife

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Nikolas — played by the above-pictured Tyler Christopher — is left with no other choice than to investigate his wife after Liz ratted her out. (Getty)

The Jason and Sam romance continues to blossom following his rescue of her from the house fire. While she certainly needs to recoup more, it surely won’t be an issue as a hookup between them has been a long time coming.

Next week, love won’t be the only thing in the air as Jason reportedly gets a “disturbing phone call,” according to Celeb Dirty Laundry. The site suspected that it could be related to “Jake Spencer (James Nigbor) or Helena Cassadine’s (Constance Towers) will.”

Liz (Rebecca Herbst) will catch “Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig) with her hands in Nikolas Cassadine’s (Tyler Christopher) cookie jar.” In response, Liz informs Nik, leaving him with no alternative other than to investigate his new wife. Ultimately, he’ll have some tough decisions to make as he comes to grips with who she is.

Maxie (Kirsten Storms) is expecting a proposal from Nathan (Ryan Paevey). Meanwhile, Lulu (Emme Rylan) decides to move out of Maxie’s which Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) won’t be too thrilled about. The site reported that “the move puts her at risk.”

Dillon (Robert Palmer Watkins) invites Anna (Finola Hughes) to participate in Crimson’s Real Women Issue. She’ll use the modeling job to pry into Paul’s (Richard Burgi) family background. Despite Anna’s manipulation, Paul can’t prevent himself from going along with it. He’ll reveal something surprising.

Morgan makes some big decisions pertaining to Darby (Jesica Ahlberg). He continues on a downward spiral after going off his bipolar medication. As Morgan further loses his grip on reality, Kiki (Hayley Erin) may exit his life as well. Prior spoilers indicated that he’ll obtain a gun to mimick his old man’s mobster ways, which becomes the catalyst for a catastrophic “chain of events.” Olivia (Lisa LoCiciero) has an eery premonition about Julian (William deVry) being in danger as Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) preps for the wedding.

General Hospital airs Monday thru Friday on ABC from 2 to 3 p.m. ET on CBS. Be sure to check back with Heavy for all its latest updates and spoilers.

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Kerry Kolsch

General Hospital is unbearably boring. I am highly alarmed that you are promoting dangerous psychotropics on your show. It is a well know act that 20% of people taking them become suicidal or homicidal. Read the research by Dr. David Healy. You are nothing more than Big Pharma shills. If you try and trash the 2nd Amendment you will kill the dying show for good. You do not have one interesting story and you have a lot of actors that just need to go. I hate Morgan’s story, and do not give a damn about him or Kiki. The old hag lesbian going after a young student is another disgusting story. Sabrina needs to go and should NEVER been matched up with Michael. Dillon and Valerie can’t act and are unattractive. Poor casting! What you did to Lulu is insane. She should never have been made the bad guy and Dante has just not aged well. Get rid of him. You should have kept Johnny and got rid of Dante and Dillon.You dragged the Liz, Jason, Sam, story on so long that you killed it. There is no climax. There is no excitement anymore. The crazy kid Jake can’t act, so why have a story for him? It is just awkward to watch him. I do not care about Anna and Paul and think that it is stupid for Julian and Sonny to be fudeing when they sare two baby momas. Making Morgan the baby father is just another bad idea. I really believe that this soap will not survive the political agendas being passed off as entertainment, especially when they lack entertainment value. ABC, you did it, you killed another soap with these awful, immature and unimaginative hacks, trying to pass themselves off as writers. The dialogue sounds like it was written by 5th graders .Yuck! RIP

Shanda robinson

So hello to the writers at gh..I’m sorry I can’t stand Elizabeth with her whiney crying self she is so annoying and I know they said someone wrote about her status on the show who cares if her contract is up then it’s up I’m so tired of seeing her really and it’s not half of the people begging for her to stay please let her ass go and her kids to which she never has please nobody I talk to gives a shot about her character…there’s nothing left for her there and lulu to somebody needs to kill both of them seriously. And why nobody dies on this any more and please stop bringing back people that you have already killed off find new faces I will come and work for you and give you some good story lines these ones are just a little dry the whole thing with Morgan the line with Sabrina this boring story line with ava, Anna deveign the list can go on and why is Spencer still little Courtney has been off the stories for years yet he’s still 7 come on…get it together when I started watching it was mob wars fighting blowing up cars and buildings come on your taking this story way out of context…I can be of some assistance

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