Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe on ‘Blindspot’: The Pictures You Need to See

The wait is, finally, over. Blindspot is back on TV and that means that Jaimie Alexander is also back, covered in tattoos and collectively blowing our minds and she works to piece together Jane Doe's history on screen. The NBC hit returns fro the second half of its first season on February 29 and we have to admit, we have more than our fair share of questions heading into this next round of episodes. Why did Jane want to infiltrate the FBI and what's her relationship with Taylor Shaw? Is Jane really Taylor Shaw? And what about that kiss?!? Now, we're not demanding answers right away - what fun would that be - but the powers that be are promising some more information throughout the backhalf of the season and we're pretty darn excited at the prospect. While we wait for those answers, get to know the star of the series a bit better and what she hopes to uncover heading into the second half of the season. Click through the gallery to read up on Alexander and what it takes to get into the character of Jane Doe. (Instagram)

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