Jubilee Sharpe, ‘The Bachelor’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Jubilee Sharpe is one of the contestants on The Bachelor 2016 who is a strong girl and doesn’t just “go with the flow.” She’s had a rough upbringing and has managed to grow into the person she is today. To find out her fate on the show, her tough childhood and her emotional journey, read on below. BEWARE OF MAJOR SEASON SPOILERS.

1. Sharpe Was Adopted As an Orphan

TBT! Spend most of my time in work out clothes?

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When Sharpe got some one-on-one time with Bachelor star Higgins, she revealed that she was an orphan for several years until she was adopted at age 6 by U.S. citizens. She said that the rest of her family was dead and she sometimes wondered why she was alive. Sharpe was born in Haiti and says she hasn’t been able to return to Haiti since she left. She hopes to one day bring someone special with her to visit.

2. Jubilee Sharpe Is NOT the Winner This Season

Do I get a rose tonight on the Bachelor?! Tune in to ABC @ 8 to find out:) @bachelorusa

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Sharpe does not win the heart of Ben Higgins on The Bachelor this season. During a group date in Mexico City, Sharpe ends up being sent home, as reported by Reality Steve. Would you like to know who IS reported to be the winner? … Lauren Bushnell. For all the details on this, check out the below post:

3. She Is An Army Veteran

You can totally sit with us! #Army #peacesign #Squad

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This girl is a talented cellist and is currently studying to be a cardiac sonographer technician. But, what is most impressive about her is that she is an army veteran. In her Bachelor bio, she is listed as being a Private First Class at Fort Polk Garrison in Louisiana. Sharpe joined the military at 18 years old and made it through 4 and a half years of active duty.

4. Issues of Jealousy End Up Sealing Her Fate With Ben Higgins

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On tonight’s episode of the show, Sharpe and eight of the other contestants join Higgins on a group date where they learn Spanish and take on a cooking challenge. When learning the language, Sharpe begins to get very jealous having to watch each girl have an intimate moment with Higgins. She is not a fan of sharing her man, which is totally understandable … as long as you aren’t a contestant on The Bachelor. Check out the cringe-worthy clip above.

According to Reality Steve, Sharpe speaks with Higgins about her concerns and point of view when it comes to their future together. As a result, Higgins ends up letting Sharpe go home.

5. Some of the Other Contestants Have Questioned Her Intentions

Jubilee Sharpe has a tendency to be sarcastic and playful. When she received her solo date with Higgins this season, some of the girls felt she was as grateful and as “into” getting the date as some of the others would have been. Clearly, Sharpe was just joking around with Higgins and she was more than thrilled to get the date card. Contestant Amber confronted Sharpe in front of Higgins, who ended up coming to Sharpe’s defense.

Sharpe is actually one of the most real and honest girls on the show this season.

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