Lauren Himle, ‘The Bachelor’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Lauren Himle is a contestant on The Bachelor 2016, hoping to be the one who Ben Higgins falls in love with as his future wife. Get the details on Himle, including embarrassing moments below. And, BEWARE OF SOME BIG SEASON SPOILERS. If you don’t want to know who wins and how far Himle gets on the show, stop reading now.

1. Himle Gets Caught On National TV Wearing Pimple Cream And a Retainer

To pick up Stanton, Higgins surprises the girls at 4:20 a.m., while they’re still asleep, exactly how it went with Chris Soules last season. Higgins sneaks up on the girls with a flashlight, finding pimple cream faces, retainers, and hair extensions. Himle is the one with the pimple cream and the retainer in her mouth and she is mortified. Higgins laughs and tries to make her feel better by saying that he also sleeps with a retainer.

2. Lauren Himle Is a Kindergarten Teacher from Michigan

These pendants though ???

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Himle is a kindergarten teacher from Michigan who she dressed up in a chicken outfit and recited a poem for her special talent on the Last Vegas episode of the show. Though she enjoys teaching, she told ABC that she wouldn’t mind being Chris Harrison for a day “because his job seems pretty amazing.”

3. She Does NOT Win The Bachelor This Season

This season, Lauren Himle does not win, though another Lauren does. On episode 6 of the show, the contestants head to the Bahamas and several girls are sent home. Himle is reported to be eliminated at this rose ceremony.

Get the details on the winner in the below link:

4. Ben Higgins and Himle Walk In a Fashion Show Together

Lauren Himle gets her first solo date with Higgins and the two get to walk the runway for a famed Mexican fashion designer Pineda Covalin. In addition, they get a behind-the-scenes look as the designer preps his models for his show in Mexico City’s Fashion Week. Himle ends up getting a rose on her date.

5. Himle Is a Jewelry Designer

In addition to being a teacher and now a reality star, Himle also is a jewelry designer. Click here to check out some of her products. She designs her own line for a company called KEEP Collective.