Leonardo DiCaprio for Best Actor Win at 2016 Oscars

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio has starred in The Revenant, an American frontier survival and revenge film. The movie was based partially on Michael Punke's book and on the experiences of fur trapper Hugh Glass in 1823. The Revenant is up for twelve awards tonight, leading in the nominations. DiCaprio is honored with a nomination in the Best Actor category, making this his sixth time as a nominee. In the past he has been nominated for The Wolf of Wall Street (Best Actor and Best Picture), Blood Diamond (Best Actor), The Aviator (Best Actor), and What's Eating Gilbert Grape (Best Supporting Actor). According to Online Gambling LV, the odds of DiCaprio winning tonight are 1/3 and we would agree. Thus far, DiCaprio has won the AACTA, SAG, and Golden Globe for Best Actor in The Revenant. Let's celebrate the year of Leo, by checking out DiCaprio's top 10 best and most recent photos. (Getty)