Lex McAllister, Former ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Lex McAllister is a former contestant from the reality show The Bachelor and she has passed away. Read on for the sad facts surrounding her death.

1. Her Death Is An Apparent Suicide

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According to TMZ, McAllister overdosed on prescription pills. Law enforcement was notified in Columbus, Ohio with a 911 call Saturday around 2 p.m. ET. McAllister was taken to the hospital in stable condition, but her body began to shut down. In turn, her family ended up taking her off life support.

2. She Is From Season 14 Of The Bachelor

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McAllister was on season 14 of The Bachelor, which was Jake Pavelka’s season. Unfortunately, she didn’t make it past the first week of the show.

3. McAllister Was Very Vocal When Bachelor Star Pavelka Broke Up With the Season’s Winner

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Vienna Girardi was the winner of Pavelka’s season, but the two ended up breaking up. When their relationship ended, McAllister spoke out, saying that the split was not Girardi’s fault. McAllister talked to TMZ at the time and stated:

I find it hard to believe that she is guilty of anything negative in the breakup … except for falling in love with a man whose heart was clearly not available for her in the first place.

There were rumors that Pavelka felt Girardi may have been cheating on him.

4. She Had Suffered From Mental Illness

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McAllister had battled mental illness. Her family reported to TMZ that she struggled with depression and bipolar disorder.

5. Another Former Contestant From Pavelka’s Season Committed Suicide In 2013

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Model contestant Gia Allemand, who was also a contestant on Pavelka’s season of The Bachelor, died at age of 29 in 2013. She hanged herself at her New Orleans home and actually had a boyfriend at the time of her death. Allemand attempted to hang herself, but was found and taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, she suffered loss of brain and organ function, so she was taken off life support.