‘MTV The Challenge: Bloodlines’ Finale Part 1 2016

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Tonight was part one of the finale of MTV’s The Challenge: Bloodlines. So, which team was the winner and who got eliminated? That’s an easy one. No one. None of the teams were eliminated tonight and we still have one more episode to go. So, let’s get into tonight’s first leg of the finale with a recap of the events.

The first place prize is $250,000, $75,000 for second place and $25,000 for third place. To kick things off the teams were put into an abandoned complex with four checkpoints for the first leg of their challenge. The final three teams were Jenna Compono and cousin Brianna Julig; Cara Maria Sorbello and cousin Jamie Banks; and Cory Wharton and cousin Mitch Reid. Cory and Mitch start off in the lead, but quickly lose ground.

After lugging heavy bags around to each checkpoint, Jenna and Brianna gain a strong lead. Between puzzles and chugging non-alcoholic beers, Cara Maria and her cousin Jamie end up lagging in third place. But, Jamie and Cara start picking up the pace after truly suffering in the competition.

Though the other teams start to come up right behind Jenna and Brianna, they win the first leg of the competition. This left Cara Maria’s team going head-to-head against Cory’s. Cara Maria and Jamie end up coming in second place. This left Cory and Mitch in third place.

All three teams were then transported to another mystery location.

Stay tuned for next week’s finale episode, part two of the finals.

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