LISTEN: Nicole Simpson’s 911 Call Recording

911 Call by Nicole Simpson ( private investigator )Nicole Simpson calls the police on O.J. Simpson Update: Today on 12-05-08 OJ Simpson was sentenced to atleast 15 years in prison, for the conviction of his Nevada hotel armed robbery/kidnapping.2007-01-24T18:26:16Z

With the OJ Simpson case being revived on the FX Network, America is intrigued and swept up in the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson all over again.

On tonight’s episode of American Crime Story: The People V. O.J. Simpson, the release of a 911 call from Nicole Simpson is documented. Above, listen to part of the actual call of Nicole to a dispatcher, asking for protection from OJ Simpson.

Nicole tells the dispatcher that OJ is yelling and breaking things at the home while their children are asleep. The dispatcher later asks if this kind of situation has happened before and, according to the LA Times, Nicole stated, “Many times.”

Below see a photo of a battered Nicole Brown Simpson from a domestic violence episode she suffered with OJ Simpson in their years together. The photo is from January 1989 incident where OJ Simpson pleaded no contest to spousal battery. The picture shows Nicole’s cut lip and bruises on her face.

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This photo was actually presented during testimony by Los Angeles Police detective John Edwards, who answered Mrs. Simpson’s 1989 call for help, during the OJ Simpson murder trial.

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