Olivia Caridi Gets Outed by the Other Girls on ‘The Bachelor’ Tonight

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(ABC/Eniac Martinez)

On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, determined contestant Olivia Caridi continues with her plan to make star Ben Higgins her husband. However, her days are numbered with the other women as they are tired of her “bad behavior” and finally decided to tell Higgins about it.

When it comes to the group date, Olivia does anything she can to stand out and she jumps at the chance to pair up with Higgins when teams are formed. In turn, she manages to transform her group date into a solo date after fighting cast member Jubilee Sharpe for his attention. Olivia ends up with the group date rose.

Later on in the episode, Olivia becomes insulting, referring to contestant Amanda Stanton as “Teen Mom.” Tonight, the girls can’t take anymore and they finally tell Higgins about what’s been going on with Olivia’s attitude. Emily is the pioneer in this … And so, Higgins finally faces the situation head-on.

Throughout the episode, the girls criticize Olivia behind her back. For example, Emily talks about Olivia’s bad breath, which she says smells like shit. Emily also says she is sick of Olivia’s negative energy.

When the girls confront Olivia about her behavior, she turns on the tears and says that she’s learning a lot about herself. This only upsets some of the girls even more. But, Olivia does have her antennas up.

Though many may wonder if Olivia’s fate is sealed with tonight’s episode, it is the beginning of Higgins opening his eyes, but it is not the nail in the coffin, according to Reality Steve.

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