WATCH: Chris Rock’s Oscars Opening Monologue – ‘Hollywood Is Racist’

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Chris Rock hosts the 2016 Oscars and brings his humor to the stage, front and center. The show opened up with a montage of movie clips from the past year’s best films, from dramas to comedies. Immediately following, Chris Rock walked onto the stage dressed in a white and black suit. His first line was that he counted at least 15 people in the video montage. He then called the show the “White People’s Choice Awards.” The racial controversy subject continued to be the focus of his monologue, joking that he thought about quitting. He said that the last thing he needs is to lose another job to Kevin Hart.

Rock then asked why people are protesting the awards now and not years ago. He said many years ago, the nation had “real things to protest”. He then brought up the boycott, talking about Jada Pinkett-Smith’s boycott of the Oscars, comparing it to Rihanna’s parents.

Then, Rock joked that the In Memoriam package is just going to be black people who were shot by cops on their way to the movies.

Continuing on the subject, Rock then said that the Academy should just have “black categories”, giving an example as “Best Black Friend,” saying Wanda Sykes would win every year. Rock also made a big statement, saying that, “Hollywood is racist.” He then went in on some of the movies and actors up for awards before moving into sexism when it comes to womens’ fashions at the event.

Eleven years ago, Rock hosted the awards show for the first time. Check out his first opening monologue in 2005 for the show in the below video. If you have trouble viewing the video below, click here to check it out.

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