Is Mail Delivered on Presidents Day 2016 in the U.S.?

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The question of “Will mail be delivered on Presidents Day?” is answered with a big “No.”

All post offices and federal offices of any kind will be closed for the holiday, which means that no businesses or homes will get mail. This also counts out United States Postal Service packages. According to the USPS, because it is a federal holiday, all federal offices are closed. However, all federal workers are still paid for the day.

UPS and FedEx, however, will still pick up and deliver packages as scheduled. (Check out the UPS holiday schedule here and the FedEx holiday schedule here.)

Holidays on which mail is not delivered are:

New Year’s Day
Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday
Washington’s Birthday (Presidents Day)
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Columbus Day
Veterans Day
Christmas Day

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