Teddy Sears, ‘The Flash’: The Pictures You Need to See

Teddy Sears plays a speedster on The Flash, or, well, at least he used to. Jay Garrick has lost his speed on The CW superhero hit and while he may have missed a step or two on TV, that doesn't mean his real-life counterpart has slowed down at all. In fact, Sears' life is moving at a pace most of us could only dream of as the 38-year-old actor steps into the biggest spotlight of his career. Sears, who grew up just outside of Washington D.C., has a jam-packed resume to his name, filled with everything from athletic accomplishments to a handful of major roles on TV. However, his recurring role as Jay Garrick on The Flash, and his involvement in the ever-growing DC universe, has become Sears' calling card. Click through the gallery to learn more about his road to super-speed as well as Sears' life away from the TV cameras. (Instagram)

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