‘The Amazing Race’ 2016 Cast


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I am so sick and tired af the ‘celebrity’ Amazing Race’s … I am a constant fan who has never missed an episode in 28 seasons, but this show is about everyday people competing and getting the chance to travel the world. Celebrities ( or those who consider themselves such) don’t belong. This show is about the average guy, or couple given the chance to travel the globe and experience it – not ‘dickwad’ celebrities co-oping their notoriety to further exploit their fame for further dollars. The best part of this show is ordinary people experiencing something they would not otherwise be able to – the best example would be the black couple who travelled to South Africa, experienced the prison where Nelson Mandela spent half of his life, crossed a river in Africa with Biblical significance, and had tears in their eyes at the wonder of the experience. Not asshole pseudo celebrities who exploit this show for more ‘hits’ on their internet presence. I will continue to watch this show, as I love it, but it has lost it’s ‘wonder’ from earlier years. Please re-think your direction.
Your loyal fan. Brian.


I mean………. It’s their show, they can do whatever the hell they want

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