‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Spoilers: Season 20 Episode 9

On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, we are down to the final three girls – Caila Quinn, JoJo Fletcher, and Lauren Bushnell. They all travel to Jamaica and stay at the Sandals Royal Plantation, ready to embark on their overnight dates with star Ben Higgins. Emotions are running high and one girl is going to get her heart broken. For all the spoilers on what to expect as well as who gets eliminated tonight, read on below.

Each Girl Stays In the Fantasy Suite With Ben Higgins

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When it comes to the overnight dates tonight, each girl ends up staying with Ben Higgins in the fantasy suite, so Higgins could have gotten lucky with each one. In the beginning of the episode, Lauren, JoJo, and Caila each had concerns about what was in store for them. Caila worried she wouldn’t be able to completely open up to Higgins, while Lauren was stressed over telling him that she loves him because he may not return the feelings. Then, JoJo was still upset about the confrontation between Higgins and her brothers on the hometown date because family is such a big part of her life. All in all, none of these issues deterred the girls from sleeping alongside Higgins on their dates.

Caila Quinn Gets Sent Home

Caila Quinn gets sent home tonight and ABC’s official synopsis definitely hints at what happens. The synopsis reads:

Ben shares an adventurous rafting trip down a jungle river with Caila, who is still struggling with the fact that there are other women vying for the Bachelor’s heart. Caila’s inability to share her insecurity is holding her back from expressing her true feelings to Ben. That night over a romantic dinner on the beach, Caila decides it’s now or never. Finally, with Ben’s patient persuasion, this beautiful bachelorette is able to share all the pent-up emotions she has had. Ben is overwhelmed, but will she have opened up in enough time?

After Caila’s overnight date with Higgins, she surprises him with a visit, but she may not get the validation she was hoping for in the end.

Higgins Tells Two Women He Loves Them

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Generally on The Bachelor, the star does not say “I Love You” until the proposal, but tonight, Higgins tells TWO women that he loves them. Our guess is that they are Lauren and JoJo.

On Lauren’s date, she and Higgins visit a preservation mission of baby turtles. The two then share a beach date, talking about their future and their hometown date together. ABC’s episode bio on Lauren reveals:

Lauren finally has her own breakthrough, finally telling Ben she loves him. But what Ben replies will shock Bachelor Nation and make Bachelor history.

It sounds like Lauren definitely gets to hear those three little words … And then there’s JoJo. According to ABC:

Ben goes into his final date of the week more confused than ever. Jo Jo is nervous after her contentious hometown date but is hoping it won’t derail her relationship with Ben. They fly off in a helicopter, arriving at a storybook setting: a magnificent waterfall deep in the jungle. The two take a dip before they get down to more serious matters: expressing their deep feelings for one another.

Could Higgins be in over his head?

Stay tuned next week for the Women Tell All episode.



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