‘The Young and the Restless’ (Y&R) Spoilers: Will Adam Sacrifice His Marriage to Keep Baby Christian’s Secret?

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(CBS Screenshot)

The Young and the Restless returns this week with an all-new episodes as Adam (Justin Hartley) finds himself in a rather peculiar situation with his father, Victor (Eric Braeden). With Noah (Robert Adamson) looking to join forces with Luca (Miles Gaston Villanueva) to take down his grandfather, Adam must decide if he’s willing to compromise the secret of baby Christian’s identity in order to take down Victor.

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Read on for this week’s Y&R spoilers and be sure to check back for after-show recaps.

Luca’s Likely Joining Forces With Noah

The Young and the Restless spoilers, The Young and the Restless cast, Y&R spoilers, The Young and the Restless tv show, The Young and the Restless rumors, The Young and the Restless recap, The Young and the Restless this week

This week, Luca’s likely to put his differences with Noah aside to join forces against Victor. (CBS Screenshot)

Adam and his wife Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) aren’t exactly on the best of terms as the latter is fed up with her hubby’s continued allegiance to his corrupt father. Last week, Chelsea was just about ready to up and leave with Connor (Michael and Nolan Webb) until Adam told her the truth about what went down with Luca. Adam — who’s been working as a double agent for Victor — coerced Luca into getting incriminating info on his own father. However, when Adam tried blackmailing Luca into leaving town, Luca threatened to spill the beans on Noah’s hit-and-run on Billy (Jason Thompson).

Making matters more complex, Noah — with knowledge of Luca’s blackmail — proposed that he work alongside Luca to take down Victor.

Adam May Need Decide Between His Marriage & the Preservation of Baby Sully’s Real Identity

The Young and the Restless spoilers, The Young and the Restless cast, Y&R spoilers, The Young and the Restless tv show, The Young and the Restless rumors, The Young and the Restless recap, The Young and the Restless this week

Adam — pictured in last Friday’s Y&R episode — has some serious decisions to make that’ll affect both his own and several other Genoa City relationships. (CBS Screenshot)

This week, Adam undoubtedly has several decisions to make and loyalties to mull over. If he heeds to Luca’s demands, then he’ll face the threat of Victor revealing that baby Sully is really baby Christian; pertinent info that could permanently destroy his own relationship along with a few others.

If Adam stays loyal to Victor, he’ll likely lose Chelsea and compromise Noah’s freedom; that is unless Luca accepts and develops a secret alliance with Noah.

A third scenario would be for Adam to join legit forces with Luca, which would also have to involve Noah. The three could work together to dethrone Victor. However, Luca would need to another point of leverage against Adam, assuming Adam’s privy to Luca’s newfound loyalty to Noah. Also, it would take a lot of convincing — if it was possible — for Luca to trust Adam again. Further more, if Luca’s threat towards Noah’s freedom remains, Noah would need to remain in Adam’s good graces.

Will Adam remain loyal to Victor and risk losing Chelsea in order to keep a lid on baby Sully’s true identity, or will he reconsider his stance against Luca? Stay tuned.

Be sure to stay up to date with Heavy on Young and the Restless spoilers. The program airs Monday thru Friday from 12:30pm ET to 1:30pm ET on CBS.


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If Adam had a brain he would tell Chelsea the entire truth, and let the chips fall where they may. Victor black-mailing Adam should show him how ruthless and immoral his father is. I really want Luca to crush Victor; I’m tired of Victor bullying everyone and getting away with it. Tired of same old story lines re Victor.


I also AM sick of Victor. I know you need a bad guy to keep the show spicy but Victor is getting ridiculous. I used to hate Phyllis but now that we have a different Phyllis I really enjoy watching her on the show. She’s not mean and scheming the way the old phyllis was. Maybe it’s because she really hasn’t been backed into a corner.

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