‘The Young and the Restless’ (Y&R) Spoilers: Was Dr. Anderson Stabbed By Patty at Fairview?

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The situation in Genoa City gets quite intense when The Young and the Restless returns next week with all-new episode as the murder of a familiar face is set to take front-and-center.

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Sage & Patty Have a Common Enemy in Dr. Anderson

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Y&R fans learned on Friday that Dr. Anderson has another enemy within the confines of Fairview. (CBS Screenshot)

The situation at Fairview remains quite intense. Sage (Kelly Sullivan) — in a bid to uncover info on Dr. Anderson’s (Elizabeth Bogush) past — got her husband Nick on board to expose her. Sage figured out that Dr. A — for some reason or another – has taken a strong interest in Nick. During the process, Dr. A has continued trying to form a wedge between Sage and Nick. After slapping Nick and freaking out, Sage got herself committed and is now residing inside the walls of Fairview, a place for the mentally ill. Despite Nick’s concern over her safety, Sage — medicated or not — insists that she stay there to dig up more info on Dr. A. Recently, she found a book in Dr. A’s office, titled Living With Paralysis. Little do they know that Dr. A is somebody from Nick’s teenaged past, hellbent on retribution for the Newman Ranch diving incident that lost her a baby and made her infertile.

On Friday, Patty (Stacey Haiduk) returned to pay Paul (Doug Davidson) a visit. However, it turned out that she escaped from Fairview and was ultimately transported back. During the chaos, she continuously mentioned that Dr. A was a liar and couldn’t be trusted. Later on, she eavesdropped on Nick and Sage’s conversation about the twisted doctor, as indicated in a Y&R tweet below.


Did Patty Kill Dr. Anderson?

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Nick (second from left) and Dylan (far right) look on as Dr. Anderson’s body is wheeled out Fairview. (CBS Screenshot)

Next week, it looks as though Dr. Anderson’s days on Y&R — at least in living form — are numbered, as its her covered body that’s reportedly being shown being wheeled out in the teaser video above, according to Celeb Dirty Laundry.

Meanwhile, newbie detective Dylan (Steve Burton) — who’s trying to solve the murder — expresses that Dr. Anderson’s death is more than a job to him. This is because Patty’s his aunt.

“This is more than a case. This is our family.”

Although no confirmations have been made, Patty seems to be a likely suspect in Dr. Anderson’s death. However, Sage’s recent arrest and current snooping could lead to an investigation on her.

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