‘The Young and the Restless’ (Y&R) Spoilers: Will Victor Have a Mental Breakdown?

The Young and the Restless returned on Monday with an all-new episode as Victor (Eric Braeden) continues facing conflicts from several different people.

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Read on for Y&R’s Monday, February 29, 2016 recap. Click here or on “Next Page” at the bottom for spoilers on Victor’s troubles. Today’s episode trailer can be viewed above.

At Crimson, Victoria (Amelia Heinle) can’t focus on wedding planning because Billy isn’t there.

Billy (Jason Thompson) wants Jack (Peter Bergman) to go the police about Victor. Jack says it’s not that easy because he has blood on his hands.

Summer wants to tell Victor everything she knows about what Natalie’s up to. Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) says “that’s the last thing” she should do.

At Summer’s (Hunter King) place, Natalie (Mara McCaffrey) and Luca (Miles Gaston Villanueva) watch Victor — on her computer talk to Luca’s father. Natalie says he shouldn’t stay there since he’s “now on Victor’s ‘Most Wanted’ list”. Luca doesn’t want to abandon his partnership with Billy.

Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) doesn’t understand why Adam (Justin Hartley) won’t do what’s best for her and Connor (Gunner and Ryder Gadbois) instead of staying obligated to Victor.

Phyllis wants Summer to ignore the texts she saw. Summer don’t want it on her conscience if Natalie’s trying to take down her father. Phyllis later admits that she’s working with Billy.

Billy thinks Jack should still go to the police. Billy says he’ll get revenge for Phyllis if he don’t.

Adam wants Newman to be a family business himself and Chelsea could be proud of for Connor. Chelsea says what if Connor wants to be anything but what he’s on the verge of coming: The next Victor Newman.

Luca compliments Natalie on her guts for going against Victor. Natalie doesn’t see how she could get out of the deal.

Adam says Nikki, Victoria and Abby are all about through with Victor. Chelsea points out that everyone is but him.

Victor shows up and wants to know how the camera she put in his office works.

Victoria tells the wedding planner that her and Billy’s marriage will be forever this time.

Phyllis informs Billy that Summer knows about their plan for Victor. Billy says that Luca told him that he used the Marco Annicelli situation as leverage to worm his way into their deal with Natalie. Billy says — to an emotional Phyllis — that it’s over now and they must go the police on Victor. Billy thinks she still needs to go to the police regardless of what she went through with Marco. He informs her that Luca has a whole disk of evidence on Victor.

Victor pays Natalie a visit and gets her to admit that she’s been spying on him. A Victor’s request, a colleague of his takes away Natalie’s computer.

Chelsea confides in Jack over “losing” Adam. He hugs her. Jack says “even when you win, you lose” when taking on Victor.

Victor reminds Adam what’s at stake if he doesn’t help him find Luca. Adam tells his father that he can’t threaten to tell Chelsea about the baby anymore because she already knows.

Luca calls Natalie a genius after she admits that the computer she gave Victor has the flawed version of the cyber program.

Billy presents Victoria with proof on Victor’s kidnapping. Victoria says even her father makes mistakes. Billy asks, “So was it a mistake” when Victor “kidnapped his brother [Jack] and replaced him with a look-alike?” Billy says that he won’t turn Victor in though because their love means more to him than justice.

Victor doesn’t buy that Chelsea forgave Adam about the baby. Victor says he knows that Adam wants the company and he won’t get it to pass on to Connor unless he follows his orders.

Summer’s enraged about Natalie’s plot against Victor. Natalie admits that Victor fired her. Summer wants her to leave since she’s no longer on her grandfather’s payroll. She exits.

Jack apologizes to Phyllis for breaking her trust. Phyllis tells Jack that she was wrong. Jack misunderstands that Phyllis wanted to let things go. She says that herself and Jack are going to bring Victor down and he will pay dearly.

Luca tries consoling Summer, telling her that she’s the only person Victor can count on. She says that he always knows the right things to say. Luca offers a hug and she accepts.

Billy tells the wedding planner that Victor won’t be walking Victoria down the aisle.

Adam says Victor can keep his office and his power and walks off. Victoria shows up and confronts Victor about Marco Annicelli.