Thomas Girardi, Erika Jayne’s Husband: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Thomas Girardi is a very well-known attorney and the husband of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Girardi. Wife Erika likes to pursue her dreams and embraces her alter ego “Erika Jayne” when she performs sexy routines for different events across the globe. What is truly nice is that her husband is fully supportive of her traveling and her donning barely-there outfits for her performances. The two share a fun dynamic despite their age difference and viewers get to see that on RHOBH. So, who is the powerful man behind the vivacious Erika?

1. One of Girardi’s Famous Cases Was Featured as the Plot for the Movie Erin Brokovich

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Girardi is well-known for a class-action lawsuit against Pacific Gas & Electric, which was the inspiration for the movie Erin Brockovich, starring Julia Roberts. Roberts eve won Best Actress at the Oscars for the role.

So, what did Girardi have to do with the actual case? Girardi said that he was portrayed in the film as a character named Kurt Potter (played by actor Peter Coyote), and told Attorney At Law Magazine:

I was on the set every day and it was a true story. The thing that was good about it was that it did bring up a subject that nobody really gave any thought to before that time and obviously to see Julia Roberts five days a week wasn’t too bad either.

Girardi was central to the outcome of the case, which was settled in 1993.

2. His Net Worth Is $11 Million

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Thomas Girardi makes more money than most people dream of. The house that he and his wife live in is massive and even features its own chapel. Girardi is a partner and founder at Girardi Keese, a law firm that opened in 1965. And, according to

In 1970, Thomas was the first lawyer in the state of California to win $1 million in a medical malpractice verdict, which is a big deal. And from that point on he has had over 30 verdicts worth $1 million or more and more than 100 settlements worth $1 million or more.

This can definitely help increase the amount of money in your bank account. Check out a tour of the Girardi’s home in the above video.

3. There Is Over a 30-Year Age Difference Between Girardi And His Wife

Girardi is 76 years old, while his wife is 32 years younger at only 44 years old. On Real Housewives, some of the other women question their relationship because of the age difference and Erika has even said she’s been called a gold-digger in the past. She says that she doesn’t care what others think about her relationship.

4. He Is Picky When Choosing His Cases These Days

As a man in his 70’s with five decades of experience and a successful track record, Girardi can afford to be picky. When it comes to deciding whether to represent someone, he has specific criteria to meet. He revealed to Attorney At Law Magazine:

First, I look for people who’ve been harmed by bad conduct of another – be that the way the automobile is designed or toxic chemicals people were exposed to. Then, I look at cases, even if they’re not too big, that have a good moral aspect to them. Finally, I take in some cases that aren’t huge, but I want the young lawyers of this law firm to try good cases.

Girardi adds that the people who work at his firm are long-term employees.

5. Girardi Is Friends With Music Icon David Foster

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On RHOBH, Erika reveals that she is good friends with Yolanda Foster (now Yolanda Hadid) via her (now estranged) husband David Foster. Foster is a music icon in the entertainment industry. Girardi told the National Law Journal that, “David Foster and Yolanda are two extraordinarily terrific people.” Since filming, David and Yolanda Foster have split.

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