WATCH: Oscars 2016 In Memoriam Tribute with Dave Grohl

For tonight’s In Memoriam segment at the 2016 Oscars, the Academy paid tribute to those we’ve loved to watch on screen as well as those behind-the-scenes over the years. Foo Fighters musician Dave Grohl performed Paul McCartney’s song “Blackbird” as the tribute video played across the main screen on stage.

Stars who were remembered tonight included David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Dean Jones, Leonard Nimoy and many others.

Prior to the event, Grohl had been listed as a performer, but his Academy Awards performance was classified as “special”. No previous information was provided to the public.




That’s because each year’s “In Memoriam” only includes deaths from the previous year, not random selections from years prior. Seeing as he died in 2014 and was already prominently included in the 2015 tribute (info readily found with a simple google search) why would they include him yet again?

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