‘Awkward’ Season 5B Premiere & Spoilers

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Tonight is the season 5B premiere of MTV’s show Awkward and the show takes us on a time jump a year down the road from when Matty McKibben and Jenna Hamilton headed off to Matty’s college together. Relationships have changed, friendships have formed and drama has sprouted in unlikely places. The official synopsis of tonight’s premiere episode reads:

The second half of Awkward season 5 kicks off at the beginning of summer, a year after we last saw Jenna and her friends. She returns with a new-found confidence as she starts an exciting summer fellowship at an internet start-up. As she reconnects with her high school friends, it’s clear that there has been a lot she has missed. It’s a summer of friends, self-discovery, romance and mystery that will forever impact everyone’s lives.

When it comes to Jenna, star Ashley Rickards told TV Line that college has really made Jenna come into her own, explaining that:

Jenna has really found herself in college and met people who love her for who she is. They don’t think it’s a bad thing to read all the time, they don’t judge her copious amounts of hoodies. She comes back, and she finds out she’s not the only one who’s changed — and that’s where things get a little sticky.

On the other hand, Matty is no longer the popular guy at school as college is a whole other world. Beau Mirchoff, who plays Matty, told TV Line:

He finds that he’s no longer the big man on campus, he doesn’t fit in, all these insecurities arise. He goes on a crazy path of drinking and debauchery.

As for Matty’s relationship with Jenna, Mirchoff says:

They both care for each other … but they’re both in different places in their lives … At the moment, they’re in a contentious relationship, but who knows?

So, it looks like there’s more drama in store for Jenna and Matty and they may not be together. But, as far as the other characters go, there are some new relationships happening. For example, Sadie and Jake may have something going on. And, Sadie has also found another relationship – a BFF-ship with Tamara. The two befriended each other while attending college in New York and now have a serious friendship. Because Sadie used to make Tamara’s old BFF Jenna miserable in high school, their new friendship may make Jenna feel like an outsider.

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