Olivia Caridi on Ben Higgins & ‘The Bachelor’ 2016

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(ABC/Kelsey McNeal)

Olivia Caridi works in broadcasting and now that she’s been labeled the villain on The Bachelor, how will that affect her job? In an interview with ABC, Caridi said that she hopes it will only boost her career as people can see she can “draw in a crowd.” She said that her being on The Bachelor shows that she is someone people want to watch.

As far as what the other contestants on the show have to say, they are not shy about confronting Caridi on the “Women Tell All” special. Throughout the season, Caridi rubbed several girls the wrong way and many felt disrespected by her actions as well as words.

Jennifer Saviano revealed that she liked Caridi at first, but then felt Caridi had no respect for any of the other contestants. Another girl who felt disrespected was Amanda Stanton, who Caridi compared to Teen Mom.

When Caridi was in the hot seat during the “Women Tell All”, she told host Chris Harrison that the girls just talked about her behind her back rather than address anything directly with her. Immediately, Emily Ferguson chimed in and said that she had confronted Caridi twice. It was clear that Caridi’s version of events did not match up with the other cast members.

As for Caridi’s portrayal on the show, she told Us Weekly that watching herself was “embarrassing” and that she felt that the viewers never got to see the real her.

I think my sarcasm and my dry humor was interpreted sometimes [as] ‘I’m crazy’ or something. And there were some situations that played out differently than they happened, but I just don’t think I ever made it to air. Like, the real me.

Caridi felt misunderstood as a cast member on the show, though she feels that if she had met star Ben Higgins outside the show, they could have potentially formed a relationship. Caridi explained:

I think if we had met outside of this sphere, we could have [made a good couple], but he was not the one for me. And that’s OK. I watched [the season], and I was like, ‘Yeah, OK, that wasn’t right.’ I was just so hyper-focused and so ready. But he’s an amazing man, and on paper, whoa — perfect for me. But he’s obviously incredibly happy with his choice, so I’m thrilled for him.

Think Olivia Caridi will ever find her prince?