Caleb Reynolds Eliminated on ‘Survivor’ – Evacuated for Dehydration

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On tonight’s episode of Survivor, some of the contestants became so dehydrated that they needed medical assistance. Debbie, Cydney and Caleb all needed to be helped due to the intense heat and being dehydrated, but Caleb Reynolds was beyond help. Medical aid came to assist him, giving him fluids and blood while trying to nurse him back to help. Unfortunately, his dehydration was too overwhelming and he needed to be evacuated via helicopter. This means he is out of the game.

His exit caused his fellow cast members great upset, with many tears being shed. Cast member Tai seemed to be most saddened by Caleb’s health scare.

According to CBS, Reynolds has fully recovered from the ordeal and hopes to play the game again in the future.

Later on in the episode, Alecia Holden was voted off the show at tribal council.