Camille Grammer’s Cancer Surgery & Her Mother’s Battle

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Camille Grammer is part of a charity event, raising money for cancer, as she and her mother are both cancer survivors. Grammer knew she was susceptible to cancer because of her family history, so when she was diagnosed with edometrial cancer, she wasn’t completely surprised. In September 2013, Grammer was diagnosed with stage 2 cancer and, according to LifeScript, she had hysterectomy before being treated with chemotherapy and radiation. Grammer told LifeScript about the day she found out she had cancer. Grammer revealed:

I was shocked and numb. That day was surreal. Cancer had always been in the back of my mind because I had the genetic mutation. But I had still always hoped I wouldn’t develop it. I was alone when I got that news and just sat there in disbelief. I didn’t want to cry in front of the doctor and I tried to listen to him as he told me he didn’t know what stage I had. That couldn’t be determined until after my surgery.

Fortunately, Grammer’s cancer did not spread and she was able to pull through, with her disease going into remission. She now has developed Camille’s Crusaders, her Foundation for Women’s Cancer.

In 2012, Grammer opened up to HealthLine about her mother’s triple cancer diagnosis of ovarian, colon and bladder cancer. Grammer explained:

My mom was diagnosed at the age of 46 with ovarian cancer and she was in late stage two, heading into stage three, and had a tumor about the size of a small grapefruit. So they opted for the full hysterectomy and during the surgery they realized that the cancer had spread to some of the lymph nodes on her abdominal region and area, so they had to remove that. Then she went through months of chemotherapy and radiation.

As for the bladder cancer Grammer’s mother battled, Grammer stated:

Two years ago, we were just coming out for Kelsey (her ex-husband) to do his play in New York and I was looking for schools for my children and my mom called me and said, ‘Camille I have news for you. It’s back. This time it’s a different form of cancer; it’s bladder cancer. So right now I’m in it.’ They found a polyp in the kidney, and it’s in the ureters, and that’s where the cancer is present. So my mom goes in every three months for a procedure and they put her under general anesthesia and they go in and remove whatever shows up and after they remove whatever signs of superficial cancer they find within those tubes, they give her, through the catheter, chemotherapy.

Then, in 2014, Grammer’s mother was diagnosed with a third kind of cancer – colon cancer. Fortunately, Grammer’s mother has been able to battle the diseases. Grammer’s grandmother, on the other hand, lost her fight against colon and stomach cancer when Grammer was younger.

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