Jeremale Johnson as ‘Derick’ on MTV ‘Catfish’

Jeremale Johnson

Jeremale Johnson is an aspiring singer, songwriter and model ... so why does he look so familiar tonight? On this evening's episode of MTV's show Catfish, a woman named Jeanette reveals she's been talking to a younger man who goes by the name of Derick. His photos, however, seem to belong to Jeremale Johnson. A girl named Shuntay contacts the show out of concern for her mom Jeanette and the truth unfolds. For our 5 Fast Facts on this episode, click here. Now click through our gallery for Jeremale Johnson's best Facebook and Instagram photos. (Instagram)

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1 Comment

1 Comment


Do you guys think that catfish is real Or do you think the seasons now are set up scenarios, just to gain ratings? I know the star, he WAS catfished, but, as you know with reality tv…..

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