Karrine Steffans: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Karrine Steffans Columbus Short


Former hip-hop vixen Karrine Steffans has become one of the most talked about women in America after she accused her actor husband of cheating on her. The former music video star, 37, publicly accused former Scandal actor Columbus Short of being unfaithful in an Instagram video she posted on the night of March 28. In her posting, Steffans literally aired the couple’s dirty laundry as she showed Short’s clothes strewn across the lobby of an unidentified building. Short sits in the foreground, seemingly undeterred and charging his phone.

Steffans formerly starred in more than 20 hip-hop videos before leaving the industry in 2005, since then she’s written books about her experiences and speaks on college campuses about the hip-hop world.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. In a Series of Deleted Tweets, Steffans Named Women She Believes Short Slept With

In a deleted tweet, Steffans wrote, “@OfficialShort cheating ass and all of his s**t.” She then proceeded to tag other women in the tweet. Steffans says these are the women who Short was cheating on her with.


Steffans also posted a video her Instagram page where Short was shown still sitting in the chair. She tells him, “Nobody has anything to say. Nobody has anything to f**king say. Oh hey, Columbus. You okay? You feeling okay?” He then mumbles something in reply.

In another Twitter message, she says that Short, who was fired from Scandal in 2014 after a series of legal problems, is broke and has nowhere to go.

2. In a February 2016 Interview, Steffans Said, ‘I Want Everyone to Know Who Amazing Columbus Short Is’

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In February 2016, the couple were very public about their romance and marriage. During an interview with The Jasmine Brand, Steffans said, “This is the side certain people didn’t want the world to see but I wanted everyone to know how amazing he is and how happy we are, finally.”

She added:

I think our stories, separately and together, are proof of what God can do and of what happens when you are equally yolked and aligned with someone who really just wants the best for you…

We have both been in some pretty terrible relationships and marriages and are so blessed to have found each other.

We took the time to grow our friendship into a a partnership and we celebrate that in everything we do, now.

On her Twitter page, Steffans said that she and Short were married in January. Though in their report on Steffans accusing Short of cheating, Hollywood Life says that he’s still officially married to his previous wife, Tanee McCall, 34.

3. She Previously Dated Bill Maher & Bobby Brown

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Steffans’ former beau Bobby Brown. (Getty)

Steffans is known for dating a string of celebrities, including political comedian Bill Maher in 2007. The TMZ report announcing the couple refers to her by her nickname in hip hop circles, Superhead. A name apparently given to her by rapper Ja Rule. In 2015, Steffans explained the nickname in an interview with All Hip Hop saying, “Well, I’m good at everything I do…I’m not going to touch anything unless I plan on doing it better than anyone else you’ve ever met in your entire life.”

After she broke up with Maher, Steffans told Vibe Magazine in an interview in 2007 that, “Bill wants someone he can put down in an argument, tell you how ghetto you are, how big your butt is, and that you’re an idiot. That’s why you never see him with a white girl or an intellectual.” Although, he later told New York Magazine that the two are on good terms.

Her other lovers, including Bobby Brown, were all detailed in her New York Times bestselling book Confessions of a Video Vixen.

She also told BuzzFeed in 2015 that she married rapper Kool G Rap when she was 17 and he was 27. The couple had a son together but split not long after when she accused him of being abusive.

4. Just Before Her Break-Up, Steffans Was Defending Ray-J Amid New Kardashian Sex Tape Allegations

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Just prior to launching into her tirade against Short, Steffans had been on Twitter to tell the world that her friend Ray J knew that his infamous sex tape with Kim Kardashian was going to leak. She says she told the Love & Hip Hop that Kardashian was going to get rich by issuing the video.

A new book about the family says that Kris Jenner inked a deal with Vivid Entertainment allowing them to issue the video.

5. Despite Her Drama, She’s Also Defending Kehlani After the Singer’s Suicide Attempt

Steffans’ public breakup came just a few hours after reports emerged on social media that R&B singer Kehlani had cheated on her NBA star boyfriend Kyrie Irving with her ex, PartyNextDoor. Though Kehlani says at the time she posted a photo of her and PartyNextDoor, she had already broken up with Irving.

In response to the abuse, Kehlani attempted suicide and posted about her ordeal in a-now deleted Instagram post.

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