LA Clippers Dance Squad Cast

"L.A. Clippers Dance Squad" Cast

Tonight is the premiere of the new reality series L.A. Clippers Dance Squad, giving us an inside look at what it takes to be part of the team. The official E! show synopsis reads: “L.A. Clippers Dance Squad” gives fans an in-depth look at what it takes to be a member of an elite dance team in pro sports, on and off the court. From auditions and rehearsals to balancing personal challenges and professional ambitions, this docu-series shows what it really takes to make it to the floor of the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles and dance for basketball fans while representing a high-profile, global brand. Dreams will be fulfilled and relationships will be tested when “L.A. Clippers Dance Squad” takes center court. On the premiere of the show, there is a new creative director named Petra Pope who has high expectations. She joins the Clippers and chooses 20 dancers to join the squad. A veteran dancer struggles with some of the new routines and worries about keeping her position while one of the newbies doesn't get along well with her teammates. Check out the girls on the show by clicking through our cast gallery. (Photo by: Tommy Garcia/E! Entertainment)

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