WATCH: OJ Simpson Murder Trial – Trying On the Black Gloves

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If the gloves don’t fit, then you must acquit, right? That phrase was made famous during the murder trial of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, for which OJ Simpson was the murder suspect. When a bloody black glove was found at the murder scene and another at OJ Simpson’s home, it became clear to the prosecution that the gloves were key in locking up Simpson. And, when they had receipts of Nicole Brown Simpson purchasing the gloves, the defense felt their case was solid. What they didn’t count on was Simpson trying on the gloves and claiming they were too small to fit him.

To watch the moment that Simpson tries on the gloves, skip to mark 1:20 in the above video, taken of the actual courtroom footage.

Now check out some photos of the actual gloves on Simpson as well as defense attorney Johnnie Cochran during the trial of the century below.

Defense lawyer Johnnie Cochran Jr. puts on gloves while he addresses the jury during closing arguments during the O.J. Simpson double murder trial. Cochran cited the "defining moment in the trial" as the day prosecutor Christopher Darden asked Simpson to try on the bloody evidence gloves and the defendant told jurors they were to small for his large hands. (Getty)

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