Margaret Ann ‘Peggy’ York, Judge Lance Ito’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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In the case of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman’s murders, Judge Lance Ito’s wife ended up playing a major part in the trial against suspect OJ Simpson. Read on for Margaret Ann “Peggy” York’s involvement in the trial, where she is today and her marriage to Ito.

1. Her Denial of Involvement With Detective Mark Fuhrman Nearly Caused a Mistrial in the OJ Simpson Trial

When Judge Lance Ito was approached about taking on the OJ Simpson trial, his wife Peggy initially denied knowing Mark Fuhrman. Detective Fuhrman was a key officer in the case and on the murder scene. But, when tapes recorded by a woman named Laura McKinny showed Fuhrman using racist words as well as trash-talking Peggy York, it was clear that York and Fuhrman had a past. In fact, York had previously been Fuhrman’s superior officer. On the tapes, Mark Fuhrman negatively talked about York’s appearance and said that she used sex to advance her career. When the tapes were released, Judge Lance Ito almost had to step down and there was nearly a mistrial.

2. She Was the First Female Chief of Police for the LAPD

York had a 35-year career with the LAPD and eventually became the Chief of Los Angeles County Police. According to the LA Times, York was actually named the first female deputy chief in the department’s history.

She also went on to be on the Metropolitan Los Angeles Advisory Board of the Salvation Army and still is today.

3. Ito and His Wife Met at a Murder Scene

Judge Ito and his wife York actually met “over a dead body,” according to Newsweek. In 1981, Ito was part of the Los Angeles district attorney’s elite gang unit and York was a detective on a murder case. The two met, dated and were married over a time period of months.

4. Today York Is a Writer

According York’s LinkedIn profile, for over the past 7 years, she has worked as a writer and is working on a story of murder on the streets of Los Angeles.

5. York Had Three Children From a Previous Marriage

When Ito and York got together as a couple, she was (and still is) nine years older than Ito. York also had three grown children from a previous marriage. Ito and York ended up marrying and living together in Pasadena, California. Ito and York did not have children together.

Los Angeles County District Attorney Robert Philibosian talked to NBC News about York and Ito’s life after Ito’s retirement. Philibosian said that the two enjoy traveling together, hosting cookouts at their mansion and hanging out with friends.

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