WATCH: Katt Williams Gets Beaten by Teen After Sucker-Punching 7th Grader

VideoVideo related to watch: katt williams gets beaten by teen after sucker-punching 7th grader2016-03-23T10:59:59-04:00

A viral video of comedian Katt Williams getting taken down by a seventh grader after sucker-punching the teen has taken the internet by storm.

The video was posted as a series of clips and was picked up by WorldStarHipHop, a content aggregating video blog. The video then shot to the top of Reddit in the subreddit “Justice Porn.”

In the video, Williams is seen confronting a teenager against a brick wall. Williams then punches the teen in the head. Seconds later, Williams is in a choke hold as people gather round to watch. After Williams is released, visibly shaken, he remarks, “In a community you don’t let a little girl n**ger do that to a celebrity.”

Williams has been making headlines for his legal troubles. Most recently, he was arrested for battery charges after punching a pool supply clerk in Georgia, reports NY Daily News.

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