Top 10 Best Zootopia Toys for Sale

Zootopia toys

Disney’s newest, fluffiest animated feature, Zootopia, hits theaters this weekend. And, as always, Disney has some awesome merchandise to go along with their movie’s release. If the early reviews are any indication, Zootopia is going to be one of the year’s biggest animated movies, which means your kids are going to want some cool Zootopia toys.

Luckily for them, there is already a slew of great books, plushes and toys available based on Disney’s new movie. So if your kids were already asking to go to the toy store as soon as the movie credits began to roll, here’s a list of the best Zootopia toys for sale online that you can purchase for them right now:

1. Zootopia Deluxe 10 Figure Character Play Set

Zootopia playset

Disney has always been great with their merchandising, and their usual first step is a Character Play Set that usually consists of 8-12 pieces. This Zootopia Deluxe 10 Figure Character Play Set features 10 characters from the film, including Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, Benjamin Clawhauser, Yak, Bellweather, Mr. Big, Baby, Elephant with ice pop, a young bunny, Lionheart (not Jean Claude Van Damm), and more. Each figure stands at 4″ tall, and they’re highly detailed.

Price: $31.90

Buy the Zootopia Character Play Set here.

*There’s also a 14 character playset available for $56.25.

2. Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition Zootopia Figures

disney infinity zootopia

If you haven’t picked up Disney Infinity 3.0you’re seriously missing out on some good, cutesy fun. Just days ago, Disney released their Disney Infinity Zootopia figures, which include Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, as well as a power disc pack. Hopefully, there are more figures on the way, but for now, these two figures are great additions to the game.

Price: $12.00

Buy the Disney Infinity Zootopia Figures here.

3. Judy Hopp’s Carrot Recorder and Badge

Zootopia toys for sale

Kids love to mimic things, and they love to record their family and friends for playback. In the movie, Judy Hopps, the brand new police officer looking to prove herself, carries around a carrot recorder. The Carrot Recorder and Badge playset provides a 6.5″ carrot that records up to 10 seconds, as well as her Zootopia Police Department badge. If they want to role-play as their new favorite Disney character, this set is the best choice currently available.

Price: $11.99

Buy Judy Hopp’s Carrot Recorder and Badge here.

4. Zootopia Plush Nick Wilde

nick wilde plush

There are already quite a few great Zootopia plush toys available, which is why we’ve included a few of them on this list. I mean, what’s better than a cute plush for your young children? The good news is that there is likely already a Zootopia plushie for your child’s favorite character, like this Nick Wilde Plush. This 11″ tall stuffed toy is large and cuddly, and there are other dolls available in the line, including Flash, Clawhauser and Officer Judy Hopps. Best of all, they’re all available for no more than $13.

Price: $12.99

Buy the Zootopia Plush Nick Wilde here.

5. Zootopia Flash Plush

flash plush toy

Everyone’s favorite slow-poke now comes in plush form, as Zootopia‘s Flash has his own official Disney plush. It’s bigger than the plush above, coming in at 14 inches tall. We got our first look at Flash in one of the first couple of Zootopia movie trailers we were shown, and ever since, he’s been our favorite character in the film. He’s not as cute as his animated form, sure, but your child will love it anyway.

Price: $31.99

Buy the Flash Plush here.

6. Judy Hopps Plush

Zootopia Toys for sale

And if you’re looking to go one step even bigger than the plush toy above, check out this 15″ Judy Hopps plush. It brings Officer Judy Hopps to your home in the form of a well-designed (and most importantly, super soft) stuffed plush toy. If Judy Hopps is your child’s favorite Zootopia character, this is the best Zootopia plush for them.

Price: $25.23

Buy the Judy Hopps Plush here.

7. Zootopia Funko Pops

Zootopia Funko Pops

Of course, it wouldn’t be good merchandising on Disney’s part if they didn’t lend their licensing to everyone’s favorite toymaker, FunKo. And boy, did Funko deliver! We’ve known about these Zootopia Funko pops for a couple of months now (and I pre-ordered a few of them, myself), and now that they’ve finally arrived at my doorstep, I have to note how great they look, especially Flash. Flash is the most colorful of the bunch, but there are plenty of other Zootopia Funko pop figures to choose from, including Nick, Judy, Mr. Big, and more (the Ele-Finnick one is also particularly great). We’ve also included Funko Pop vinyls on our list of the best cool toys for boys, because we absolutely love them. Now that there are Zootopia pops, we have one more reason.

Price: $7.49+

Buy Zootopia Funko Pops here.

8. Small Nick Wilde Plush

small nick wilde plush

This smaller Nick Wilde plush toy is better for the smaller children in your life, as he only measures 7.5″ tall — making him the perfect size for the little ones to cuddle with. It’s filled with beans (not stuffing), and it’s notable that it only comes in at $7.99. So for just $8, you can give your toddler a brand new plush that they’re going to NEVER put down.

Price: $7.99

Buy the Small Nick Wilde Plush here.

9. Zootopia Shoulder Bag

zootopia bag

Anyone with a toddler knows just how much kids love filling bags. It’s actually quite amusing to watch a child just aimlessly fill a bag with their toys to carry around. Maybe it’s because they see mom and dad carrying a bag on their way out the door to work every morning. Who knows, but what I do know is that this Zootopia Shoulder Bag is the perfect accessory for young children, as they’ll spend hours filling it up and emptying it out. Want to get them out the door without a fuss? Tell them to grab their Zootopia bag, and they’ll immediately forget that they don’t want to leave (trust me, it works EVERY time with my three year old).

Price: $34.99

Buy the Zootopia Shoulder Bag here.

*There’s also a great Zootopia backpack available for $38.99.

10. Judy’s Police Cruiser

judy's police cruiser

Judy’s Police Cruiser was actually particularly cool-looking, so it’s good to know that there’s a toy modeled after it for your kids to play with. This cruiser comes with a 3″ Officer Judy (which has poseable arms, neck and legs. The car’s trunk transforms into a jail cell, which will allow Judy to place the Law Breaking Mouse Figure (also included) in jail.

Price: $24.99

Buy Judy’s Police Cruiser here.

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