Candice & Joe King: The Pictures You Need to See

Candice King has faced her fair share of romantic ups and downs on The Vampire Diaries. After all, there's been Matt, Tyler, Klaus (we're still holding out hope!), Stefan and even Alaric. It's been a lot to keep up with throughout the seasons of The CW hit and it's certainly been more than just a bit dramatic. That, however, is what's happening on screen. Luckily for King, her love life away from set and all of those cameras isn't nearly as dramatic. In fact, it's pretty darn adorable. The actress and her husband, Joe King, are bordering on tooth achingly sweet and one quick scroll through either of their social media accounts is more than enough to prove that they're both pretty drama-free. They've even got a signature couple pose. No one with a signature pose is facing any kind of relationship drama. It's just not possible. Click through the gallery to learn more about the Kings, their road to romance and their life away from the bright lights of their respective careers. Get ready to say "aaaaw" quite a bit. (Instagram)