Carmen Electra – Prince’s Ex-Girlfriend

Carmen Electra And Prince

Everyone knows Carmen Electra, but do they know that she dated Prince and that he's the reason we all call her Carmen? In an interview with Oprah, Carmen Electra opened up about how Prince actually gave her her name. Prince told her that he was going to write her a song and he wanted her to be her own artist. He wrote her a song called "Carmen On Top" and told her that she wasn't a "Tara" anymore (her real name is Tara Leigh Patrick). She was a "Carmen." After that, Carmen had a short-lived singing career before moving on to modeling and acting ... But let's get back to Prince. Today was a sad day as the world lost a true icon with the passing of a true legend. In response to his death, Carmen posted a photo of Prince with this message on her social media: I feel so sad and confused right now I'm in shock!!!!!! I love u Prince hope you're comfortable and peaceful now. Play on my love play on. Yesterday was actually Carmen Electra's 44th birthday. Recently, Carmen Electra appeared on Hollywood Medium to contact loved ones who had passed away. Medium Tyler Henry is a young clairvoyant who caters to celebrities as well as people from all walks of life and this season on his new show, he appeared to have come in contact with the late Robin Williams and Brittany Murphy. Perhaps in the future, Henry could contact Prince for Carmen?

Currently, Carmen Electra just finished a gig as the host of a new reality show called Ex-Isle and she is not reported to be in a relationship with anyone. For more information on Carmen Electra, her previous relationships, her connection to Prince and more, click through our gallery of her best and most recent photos. (Instagram)