‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Movie Spoilers: Dornan & Johnson Now Hitting It Off

While speculation has continued to circulate regarding the lackluster chemistry between Jamie Dornan (Christian Grey) and Dakota Johnson (Anastasia Steele) in Fifty Shades Darker, a new report suggests that the actors are now sizzling on set.

Dornan & Johnson Are Reportedly Meshing on Set

On April 5, InStyle reported that Dornan and Johnson’s “body language says it all,” indicating that the actors appeared extremely believable as Christian and Ana. Furthermore, the site reported that “they were getting super cozy” on the James Foley-directed Fifty Shades set. Unlike the most recent movie photos, Dornan and Johnson didn’t share a kiss. However, their chemistry transitioned off-camera as well. Johnson — while sharing a chuckle with Dornan — leaned on him while placing her right hand on his shoulder.

In other Fifty Shades chatter, Movie Pilot reported that musicians Ellie Goulding or Ariana Grande could be used for the movie’s soundtrack. However, nothing has yet to be confirmed.

Meanwhile, Movie Pilot reported that Jamie Dornan may go full frontal in some of the sequel’s scenes. The movie has Johnson and Bella Heathcoate (Leila Williams) stripping down to nothing as they adhere to Christian’s desires.

Fifty Shades Darker is slated for release in theaters on February 10, 2017. Movie Pilot reported that filming is scheduled to wrap in June. Fifty Shades FreedE.L. James‘s third installment — is scheduled to hit theaters on February 9, 2018. Be sure to check back with Heavy for all its latest updates.




The inappropriate flirting by DJ is not a good thing. She acts like a teenager. While I’m all for flirting – it’s fun, but she has NO BOUNDARIES! This is how rumers start. I must say JD laughs but not particularly physical like her. She is just over the top with her flirting and with a married man. While I’m not a prude, you have to know when it’s wrong MALE OR FEMALE!!!


I can see that you are a Dakota hater and you’re exaggerating everything!
You can say whatever about Dakota, the fact is DAKOTA is the star and not that sloppy woman, Amelia Warner!!

The truth is

Helene…surely you don’t blame Dakota’s flirting with her costar as the reason for his “alleged” marital woes? If Dornan leaves his family for another woman, I’d think he most feel pretty strongly about that woman. It’s rare a man leaves his family unless that marriage was already seriously flawed. Try not to take this blog too seriously and consider the possibility that if there is trouble in the Dornan marriage that perhaps problems existed long before Dakota Johnson became Mr. Dornan’s costar.


Seriously? It takes two to flirt and the flirting seems to be equal as in all the pictures they are constantly laughing together. It’s good for the movie if they are comfortable enough with each other. Get over yourself, jamie Dornan isn’t going to leave his wife for some casual flirting. If he did, then there are other troubles there. Stop blaming things on Dakota.


you are right i have felt the same way even now in set you can see her attitude is quite over friendly i don’t know is that her way of friendship or something else she even has mentioned that she sometime comes back from set being shell shocked by Jamie’s sense of humor and wine helps her to get over it now what that mean is she only making fun or seriously flirting


Helene: Totally agree. In so many photos DJ appears way too flirty, completely ditzy and unabashedly obvious in her inappropriate behavior. Don’t know any of these people personally, but if a picture’s worth 1000 words, the conclusion to be drawn is she’s acting like a silly preteen with a hard crush, i.e. shameless, classless, unprofessional. He looks to be attempting to maintain a higher order of dignity but who knows? No one except the two of them. Kind of ruins the anticipation of the sequels. No wonder so many complain about lack of credibility between the actors in FSOG. Juvenile behavior off or on screen kills eroticism like a cold shower.

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