‘After the Thrones’: What Time & Channel Is It On?

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HBO has a follow-up show, After the Thrones, that will provide commentary about Game of Thrones‘ premiere. But what time does After the Thrones air? Here’s how to watch the new HBO special.

Unlike other popular “after” shows like Talking Dead, the show After the Thrones will not air on HBO directly after each Game of Thrones episode. Instead, After the Thrones will be available to watch on HBO Now, HBO Go, and HBO On Demand the day after each Game of Thrones episode.

The exact time that the show is released can vary from week to week. It’s typically released on Monday mornings, but last week a technical error caused the show to not be released until later on Monday night.

Some fans are hoping that if the show gets popular, it may eventually be aired on HBO itself, rather than just livestreamed the next day. But we’ll have to wait to see if that happens. It’s possible, however, if Talking Dead is any indication. The recap show got six million views after The Walking Dead finale and some Sundays, it gets thousands of tweets.

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