Mayte Garcia, Prince’s Ex-Wife: Photos of the Woman Who Loved Him

Mayte Garcia and Prince were married for three years in what was a fairy tale relationship that captured the hearts of many of his fans. She has said that she will always love him, and even though they were divorced in 1999, she was only able to part with their engagement ring a month ago. They first met when she auditioned for his dance tour in 1990, after her mom submitted a video cassette of Garcia's dancing to Prince. Over time, she grew to have a more and more prominent role in his life. He eventually wrote a song for her in 1994 titled "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World," and then producer an entire album dedicated to her in 1995 called "Child of the Sun." But tragedy soon entered their lives and their relationship couldn't withstand the grief. Click through the gallery to see more photos of Mayte, learn about her and Prince's time together, and find out what she's doing now. (Getty)