‘NCIS’: Tony’s 5 Worst Moments

On tonight's episode of NCIS, Special Agent Tony DiNozzo has his identity stolen. It's only the latest mishap to befall the "very" special NCIS agent over the past 13 years. The CBS drama continues to get its last licks in on the character played by the outgoing Michael Weatherly. Click through the gallery to see the other misfortune that Tony has suffered including the plague, torture and having his poor Mustang blown up. (Photo credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS)

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Marla (@zoyaroses)

One minor correction…..Tony thought Ziva had died on the Damocles, so he went to Somalia to ‘avenge her death’. When they brought Ziva into the cell Tony & McGee was in, that’s when they discovered Ziva was alive after all.

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