Nyle DiMarco as Tarzan on Disney Night of ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Tonight, Nyle DiMarco strips down to be the character Tarzan on Dancing With the Stars for Disney Night. He may be deaf, but he can move like a pro on the dance floor. Last week, he even got the first “9” from the judges of the season.

In a V-log for People, DiMarco talks about how he really connected with the character of Tarzan, explaining that:

We are doing a samba for Tarzan. I feel feel like the two of us have a lot in common … Tarzan, growing up, had a different culture. And Tarzan knew and was very aware of his own culture until other people came in and actually told him that he needed to change.

He continued:

Tarzan was upset about this but what Tarzan actually did – he took a look at their culture and understood what they had to offer, but he knew that his was different and he he wanted to go back to his own culture, which correlates with how I was raised. I was raised in a deaf family. I embody deaf culture and I know what is best for me and for future generations. There are so many different cultures out there but it’s all about mutual respect. Let their cultures thrive because they know what’s best for themselves.

DiMarco says he gives 100 percent to his performances and he hopes to make a positive statement when it comes to the deaf community. DiMarco is a true inspiration … and he’s hot … There’s no denying that.