Prince’s Family: His Parents, Brothers & Sisters

Sharon L. Nelson

Sharon L. Nelson, Prince's half-sister (pictured above), was born in 1940 and is 18 years older than Prince. Many of Prince's siblings were much older than him because his dad had children from a previous marriage. Sharon is also a musician and has a MySpace page that she used to promote a CD compilation called "57th Street Sound," featuring music by her, her sister Lorna, and their dad John. You can listen to three of her songs here.

John R. Nelson

John R. Nelson, Prince's half-brother, was born in 1948. He's 10 years older than Prince and Prince's sister, Tyka, sometimes talks about him on Facebook, referring to him as Johnny.

Lorna Nelson

Lorna Nelson, Prince's half-sister, passed away at the age of 63 in 2006. In 1989, she was part of a lawsuit against Prince, Duane, and her father. She claimed that "U Got the Look" infringed on her own copyrighted song, "What's Cooking in This Book." She also requested her share of compensation for lyrics she co-authored with John. The case was dismissed, according to Justia. When Sharon put together her album, she included music from her dad, John, and her sister, Lorne. You can see a photo of Lorne on Sharon's MySpace page here. (MySpace/Sharon Nelson)