Will Jake Get Married to Vanessa on ‘Scandal’ Tonight?

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If Olivia Pope thought she didn’t have enough to worry about, on tonight’s episode of Scandal, she learns that Jake’s wedding to Vanessa has been moved up. Will Olivia lose Jake?

On the previous episode, Olivia killed VP Andrew and now she is resting with Jake keeping watch along with her father. While Olivia is grieving over what happened with Andrew, she is also very much aware of what’s going on around her behind-the-scenes. Will she find out exactly what her father and Jake have been plotting? It’s still the same Olivia Pope … the same Olivia who originally found out that Jake was using fiancee Vanessa’s bank accounts to put money into a Super PAC and fund her ex-boyfriend Edison’s presidential campaign, according to AJC.com.

On tonight’s episode, Vanessa becomes suspicious when Jake is catering to Olivia who is traumatized by Andrew’s killing. She doesn’t go to Jake’s engagement party, saying she can’t go back to the White House. Jake and Fitz share a moment together, asking each other about their feelings for Olivia. It’s seems clear that Jake doesn’t exactly want to get married.

Jake returns home to find Olivia on the floor drinking. She asks him how the party was and he says that he “played his part.” Olivia asks Jake to join her for a drink. She then talks to Jake, saying that marrying Vanessa can’t be what he wants. Olivia tells him that he doesn’t really love Vanessa. Jake finally admits that he doesn’t really love Vanessa and Olivia shows that she actually isn’t drunk at all. Jake reveals that marrying Vanessa will raise his profile so that he can take office in the White House. Olivia tells him that he doesn’t have to marry Vanessa and doesn’t have to go through with the plan that Papa Pope has laid out for him. Jake admits to never loving anyone the way he loves “Liv.”

Olivia tells Jake he can’t marry Vanessa. The two end up making love. Though Jake at first said he wanted to pretend the night never happened, he then tells Olivia he doesn’t want to be with Vanessa. He says he wants to be with her and asks her if she wants the same. Olivia hugs Jake. The two decide they need to figure out a way to get Jake off of Papa Pope’s hook. Olivia says she’s ready to be happy.

At the church, Olivia tries to talk her father out of having Jake marry Vanessa. Papa Pope tells Liv that if Jake doesn’t go through with the wedding, he will slit his throat. Though he sees Jake as a son, he will not allow him to be any less than great and marrying Vanessa will make him great. Olivia then realizes she has to convince Jake she doesn’t want to be with him and that he has to marry Vanessa in order to save his life. Jake is confused and hurt as Olivia tells him that she only loves Fitz. And so, Jake marries Vanessa.

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