‘The Walking Dead’ Finale: Glenn’s Best Moments

We're all dreading The Walking Dead's season 6 finale. It's been rumored that one of the original five may die, but we don't know who it is or if the rumor is even true. Glenn is one of the original five, and he's had a lot of close calls over the years. Even this past season, we thought he was dead for awhile. Glenn has seen a lot, and he and Maggie forged a deep relationship despite everything. Now Maggie's pregnant with their child. According to Uproxx, as of March 2015, Glenn has killed 129 walkers on the show. Even in Season 1, he was a top killer with 3 kills. In Season 5, he was the top killer, with 70 on-screen walker kills. He's come a long way from the boy in the baseball cap. Click through the gallery to read more about Glenn, see photos of him, him and Maggie, and some of his best moments. (Gene Page/AMC)