‘The Walking Dead’ Finale: Maggie’s Best Moments

To be honest, we're terrified about who might die in the season 6 Walking Dead finale. The guesses include Daryl, Carol, Maggie, and Glenn. Maybe we'll get lucky and no one will be killed off, but in this universe that seems unlikely. Maggie has experienced amazing character growth through the years. According to Uproxx, she was a top killer in season 3 with 10 on-screen walker kills. Then in season 4, she rose the ranks to achieve 26 on-screen walker kills. She and Glenn are now on the verge of starting their own family, and a lot of attention has been paid on the show to their decision. They even had a sonogram done this season. Will Maggie survive through the season 6 finale? Click through the gallery to read more about Maggie, see photos of her and Glenn, and read about some of her best moments. (Gene Page/AMC)