Tiffany Trump – Marla Maples & Donald Trump’s Daughter

Tiffany Trump

Tiffany Trump, age 22, is the daughter of Donald Trump and his ex-wife Marla Maples. Maples is currently a contestant on Dancing With the Stars and talks about her daughter Tiffany for the "Most Memorable Year" episode. In the 1990s, Marla Maples was called a home-wrecker in Donald and Ivana Trump's marriage, but Maples ultimately married Donald as well. According to SheKnows, when Maples and Trump split, Maples took daughter Tiffany with her and moved to California. Maples said that Trump financially supported Tiffany but that Maples was more of a single parent when it came to day-to-day parenting. Tiffany Trump once told Daily Mail: We've always been very close since she did raise me as a single mom. Unlike Tiffany's other brothers and sister, she is not in the spotlight much. Each one of her siblings (except for young son Barron) has appeared on Celebrity Apprentice with their dad. Tiffany talked to Daily Mail about how her upbringing was very different from her siblings, explaining that: Since I have grown up on the West Coast, I’m definitely different from all of them growing up on the East Coast. It’s a different kind of lifestyle. In New York, my dad is the centre of the city. It was great for me getting a chance to grow up as a normal kid just out of the spotlight, versus all of them growing up in New York. They always had that intense media and spotlight on them. My brothers and sister have all achieved so much in their lives and achieved so much success. But I’m growing and learning, I have a strong head on my shoulders. For more information on Tiffany Trump, click through our gallery of her best photos. (Instagram)