Who Died On ‘Arrow’ Season 4 Episode 18?

Arrow fans have waited all season to see who is in the grave that Oliver and Barry Allen stood by in the season four premiere. Tonight, the show revealed the victim and it was the beloved character, Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy).

As Damien Darhk executed his prison escape, Green Arrow and the team swooped in, but they weren’t enough to stop him. Oliver tried to kill Damien with an arrow, but his newfound power from the idol gave him the ability to stop it and then he used it to stab Laurel in the stomach.

Oliver carried his ex-girlfriend to the hospital, but she had already lost a lot of blood. Fortunately, the doctors were able to get her stable and she was lucid just long enough to see her friends one last time and to tell Oliver to do his best to get Felicity back into his life.

She wasn’t, however, able to hold on long enough before her father, Captain Lance Quentin, showed up. Upon seeing Oliver in the hallway outside her hospital room, he knew it was bad news and collapsed onto the floor.

At the beginning of the episode, Laurel was offered the position of District Attorney. She went back and forth on taking the position, keeping her identity as Black Canary or trying to do both. Her father advised her that becoming the D.A. would prevent her from being Black Canary, but he added that he was proud of all that she had done under her secret identity.

Oliver also encouraged her to take the position, saying she could do more good for the city. Before she died, Laurel decided to stay the Black Canary so she could continue working with the team on their missions as they had done that night.

Unlike Laurel’s sister Sara, it doesn’t look like Arrow will being resurrecting its latest casualty. Clips from next week’s episode show her coffin being lowered into the ground and Oliver again placing his hand on her tombstone.

Cassidy came to terms with her character dying, she told TVGuide.com. She understood it was best for the show and will launch the story in a creative new direction.

I’ve had such an incredible arc. It made sense to me creatively. I was OK with it and we all came to an understanding that this was going to happen. It made sense to me. I think the shock value was good. … It’s such a jolt and it’s such a turn in the story that it gives them so much more to do and places to go with it. Otherwise, I feel like shows could get stale.

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