Zac Brown Involved in Drug Bust: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

zac brown, zac brown drug bust

Zac Brown was involved in a drug bust in a Palm Beach hotel, but police kept his name out of their report. (Getty)

Zac Brown, the lead singer for the Zac Brown Band, was involved in a drug bust in Palm Beach, Florida on April 8. Officers called to the scene kept Brown’s name out of their reports, but the singer has admitted to his involvement in a Facebook post.

Police raided a Four Seasons hotel room at 2:30 a.m. and arrested four people for marijuana and cocaine possession. When cops discovered Brown was in the room, they asked him for an autograph and teased the two strippers they arrested for not knowing the country singer, TMZ reports. Brown also asked the officers to keep him out of the police report because he has a wife and children.

Here’s everything you need to know.

1. Police Found Prescription Pills, Strippers, Marijuana and Pot in Hotel Room

four seasons, four seasons palm beach

Police raided an oceanfront suite at the Four Seasons in Palm Beach. (Four Seasons: Palm Beach)

On April 8, Palm Beach police responded to a call about a suspicious vehicle in front of the Four Seasons hotel, according to Page Six. Police arrested a 33-year-old man in the car for possession of more than 30 grams of cocaine four in 35 small Ziploc bags.

The man told the officers about two women who came to the hotel with him. Police went inside the hotel and found nine people partying in one room, according to TMZ. They arrested another man for marijuana possession and two women, who were strippers, for cocaine possession.

TMZ also reports police questioned Brown in the room and found him in possession of prescription pills. They asked him for proof that the pills came from a valid prescription and he later presented proof the pills were prescribed to him after a minor surgery.

2. Police Arrested Four People and Asked for Brown’s Autograph

In addition to the man in the suspicious car, police made three other arrests in the room. They brought in one man for marijuana possession and two women, who were strippers for cocaine possession. There were three strippers present and they arrived 10 minutes before police raided the room, according to TMZ. One of the women was found with six condoms and $1,000 in her purse.

Police were “starstruck” when they realized Brown was in the hotel room and several officers asked the Zac Brown Band frontman for his autograph on the scene, sources told TMZ. The officers who brought in the two strippers teased the women for not knowing Brown was a famous singer.

3. Brown Asked to Be Kept Out of the Police Report Because He Has a Wife and Kids

zac brown, zac brown wife, shelly brown

Brown and his wife Shelly have five children. (Facebook/Zac Brown Band)

Brown asked the Palm Beach police to keep his name out of their report because he has a wife, Shelly, and five children — daughters Justice, Lucy, Georgia Sloan and Joni Mason and son Alexander Frost. Sources close to Brown told TMZ that the police offered to omit his name first.

The Palm Beach Police Department has denied Brown’s involvement in the drug bust. Although nine people were reported in the hotel room, the police report only cites the presence of three men and five women. There is one document with Brown’s name on it but all other documents exclude him and the police sent an email to TMZ that read, “Zach Brown’s name is not on any of the reports and I also looked at all calls for service (non-issued reports) and I could not locate anything.”

4. Brown Admitted to His Presence in a Facebook Apology

zac brown, zac brown band, zac brown apology

Brown said he was in the “wrong place and the wrong time” when police raided the hotel room where he was partying with friends. (Facebook/Zac Brown Band)

A week after the events in Palm Beach, Brown issued a statement on Facebook and apologized for his involvement. He wrote that he attended a “private gathering” at the hotel and was only there “for a short time” before police arrived. Read his full statement.

5. Zac Brown Band Kicks Off Its Black Out the Sun Tour in May

zac brown band, zac brown band tour 2016

The Zac Brown Band will back on tour this summer starting in Hartford, Connecticut on May 19. (Getty)

Brown will hit the road with his bandmates in May when the Zac Brown Band kicks off its Black Out the Sun tour on May 19 at the Xfinity Theatre in Hartford, Connecticut. The band is also scheduled to perform the Southern Ground Music & Food Festival in Charleston, South Carolina on April 16 and the iHeart Country Festival in Austin, Texas on April 30.

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