Is ‘After the Thrones’ Canceled?

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Where is After the Thrones? HBO’s new After the Thrones show, recapping and talking about each Game of Thrones episode, hasn’t been released yet, causing fans to wonder if it’s canceled. Everyone’s wondering where exactly episode 3 of After the Thrones is and when it will be released. According to some fans, the episode was already released briefly and then taken down. When are we going to be able to see a recap and discussion of “Oathbreaker”?

Here’s what you need to know.

According to HBO NOW’s Twitter feed, the show hasn’t been canceled, it’s just being released later than normal:

And according to HBO GO, the show was indeed delayed, and should be released later this evening:

After the Thrones is typically released early on Monday after each Game of Thrones episode, and fans may even sneak a view of the show while they’re at work. Today, for some reason, the show is being released much later than usual.

Some fans saw episode three of After the Thrones briefly, earlier today, before it was taken down. One fan noted that he was actually in the middle of watching the episode on his iPhone when it crashed and is no longer available:

Other alert fans have noticed more troubling news about the show. For example, one fan noticed that all the episodes of After the Thrones are missing from HBO NOW:

One fan has a theory about what happened. Pete Bland was watching episode three before it was pulled. He said that one of the hosts accidentally said the episode’s name was Oathkeeper, which is the name of one of the swords, instead of “Oathbreaker,” which is the name of episode three. He is theorizing the show was pulled to reshoot and fix the error. Another fan is wondering if the innocent mistake accidentally solved the entire show. Here’s the conversation:

In case you’re wondering, the sword Oathkeeper is currently with Brienne.

Unlike other popular “after” shows like Talking Dead, the show After the Thrones does not air on HBO directly after the Game of Thrones premiere. Instead, After the Thrones is available to watch on HBO Now the day after each Game of Thrones episode. Many fans think it would be better if the episode aired immediately after the show, like the popular recap show Talking Dead.

It looks like HBO has been having some major technical issues with the show today.

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