‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ Cast Spoilers


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Alicia Moore

This is the worse show ever. Bryan and Bobby are douche bags, Julia is an absolute bitch and somewhat of a whore. She has a horrible personality. The captain seems removed from the crew like he really doesn’t care. Jen, Tiffany, Hannah, and Danny and the only ones worth watching. They make the crew have a good time, it is clear the crews don’t care for the others and neither do the viewers. Bobby and Bryan are so jealous of Danny and I can’t believe the captain doesn’t see how Bryan torments the crew. Captain get a grip. Ben is also way cool!

Jody Siciliano

Below deck Mediterranean is a very stupid show Bobby and Brian should get I trouble for sleeping with the crew so should Jenni and Hannah they all look like shores but yet everybody is making Danny look real bad.Grow up and look line ladies and gentleness not whores. Been should quit flirting with Hannah and Jenny.This show show be canceled. Mark the Captain is lazy and shouldn’t have given Bens top 5 ways been earned it .Act like a captain and fire everyone.Been is a blast on the ship from Jody Siciliano

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