Bob Dylan Turns 75: The Tweets You Need To See

Bob Dylan, net worth, publishing rights

Bob Dylan’s birthday is a cause for celebration, as indicated by how many people tweeted about him. (Getty Images)

A musical icon hits an incredible milestone today, as Bob Dylan turns 75 years old. After 5 decades of music and millions of albums sold, it’s no wonder it’s such a big story. He brought the protest song to the mainstream, he helped coin Rolling Stone’s name, and all these years after he started he is still recognized as a top tier songwriter. As a result, many took to Twitter to post their reactions to Dylan’s 75th.

The Tweets

Some decided to keep it simple, and congratulate an artist they admire greatly.

Others thought it might be fun to tweet out examples of Dylan’s great work.

There were a few superfans who also decided to post relevant, interesting pictures about Dylan and his legacy.

And, because it’s Twitter, many honored Bob Dylan the only way they know how to honor something – with great jokes.

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