‘Braxton Family Values’ Season 5 Episode 2: Spoilers

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On tonight’s episode of Braxton Family Values, the feud over where Evelyn should go to recover will continue. (Screenshot/WE)

Last week on the Season 5 premiere of Braxton Family Values, we found out that beloved mother Evelyn Braxton suffered a mini stroke, which sent the whole family into a frenzy. Tamar and Toni visited their mom at her condo to discuss where she should go to recover. The two hoped she’d want to recuperate in LA where they could keep an eye on her, but the others wanted her to stay put in Atlanta. Traci also had a curveball thrown when she was told that she should consider getting a hysterectomy because of the lady problems she’d been dealing with lately.

On tonight’s episode, the battle over where Mama Braxton should go to recover will continue. In the middle of the argument, Tamar will become fed up, and make an exit from the room. The Braxton sisters from the East Coast will hire a matchmaker for Mama Braxton, all in an attempt to keep her in Atlanta. Tamar, meanwhile, will set up a session between Evelyn and Tyler Henry, the Hollywood Medium, thinking he can figure out why she’s been seeing angels around the house. Tonight, Toni will also flirt with the idea of getting out into the dating world once again.

The second episode of Braxton Family Values will air tonight, 9pm ET/PT, on WE.